Stay Safely & Economically
Stay Home in Korea in a safe and legal place enjoying special services locally optimized. The service fee is 0%. WeHome is the Legal Home Sharing designated by the Korea Government. We will serve you the best in Korea.

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Be a Host
You can share your home legally through registration as a host of WeHome Legal Home Sharing. If you are a host of the urbanstay only for foreign guests(외관민박업), you could get reservation even from the domestic guests legally. WeHome will help you to get more bookings and for hosting.

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Share Together
We create and share values together. With the philosophy of the Sharing Economy, we emphasize on the social value as well. The Home Sharing is beneficial for our community as well as for participants respecting the local culture and law.

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WeHome Legal Home Sharing of Korea
WeHome is the only Home Sharing of Korea legal both for domestic and foreign guests under the special certification of the Korea Government. Through collaboration with the Government, WeHome will bring the best and legitimate services of the Home Sharing in Korea for guests and hosts. Be our special hosts. Legal Home Sharing   >
Sharing City Seoul
WeHome(Kozaza) has been officially designated and financially supported as a sharing company by the Seoul Metropolitan Goverment since April 2013. Sharing City Seoul Project   >

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