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회원가입일 05/11/2021
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안녕하세요 반갑습니다^^

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  • yuu satori

    [넓은 테라스] 방 3개+ NEW OPEN SALE [연남 웨이브 하우스] 자가격리 환영

    日本人利用者です。 急な宿泊依頼に迅速に対応していただきありがとうございます。 お部屋も綺麗でインターネット環境も良かったです、 立地も観光エリアが近くとても楽しむことが出来ました。 ありがとうございます。

  • 정 똘링♥

    [넓은 테라스] 방 3개+ NEW OPEN SALE [연남 웨이브 하우스] 자가격리 환영

    문마다 문턱이 높아서 조심하셔야 해요 유혈을 부릅니다 반지층같은 1층이라 청결이 유지되어야 합니다 화장실이 습해서 2박 이상의 경우 곰팡이 관리에 유의해야 합니다 주인분의 친절함과는 무관하게 예약 관리가 제대로 되지 않아 다소 불편함이 동반되어 부정적 인상이 크게 남습니다

  • Morohashi Rui

    [넓은 테라스] 방 3개+ NEW OPEN SALE [연남 웨이브 하우스] 자가격리 환영

    It wasn't very clean (especially under the bed). Although it was far from the station, there were many fashionable restaurants around and it was very nice.

  • Mayumi Ueda

    [넓은 테라스] 방 3개+ NEW OPEN SALE [연남 웨이브 하우스] 자가격리 환영

    호스트님이 정말 친절하게 대응해주셔서 안삼했고 좋았습니다.감사합니다!

  • Cornish James

    [넓은 테라스] 방 3개+ NEW OPEN SALE [연남 웨이브 하우스] 자가격리 환영

    Great location, very clean apartment, well appointed kitchen and a washing machine. Bathroom was ok, but could do with a hook to hang the shower head on so that you can have a proper shower. Couple of issues - TV control was difficult to work out, so in the end we just gave up and used our laptops and iPads. There was one control that worked for both aircon units in the bedrooms (there was a second control but it didn't work). On the second last day we were there the hot water stopped working - we contacted customer service and the host but had no response... so we had no alternative but to leave the property and find alternative accommodation. When we notified that we had left (and why) we were contacted and told it was an 'easy fix' (a button or something), but no refund was offered for having to check out a day early. Overall a great location and good apartment... disappointing conclusion to the stay.

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