Hey, I'm Jin Lee!

회원가입일 07/03/2013
구사가능 언어 : Korean, Japanese, Chinese(s), English
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I'm Jin. I'm a traveler too.
But now I have three kids, so I can not travel many time.
So I just want to meet foreign traveler and I want to talk with them.
Please come to our house and enjoy the Hongdae life!!!

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  • Simin Berna

    와우힐즈 게스트하우스(홍대, 서울) 싱글룸 #1 (외국인전용)

    Seoul was amazing and so is Jin Lee and his Guesthouse! :) Had a great experience from the moment I inquired about his unit up to the time we left his apartment. It was cozy, comfortable, convenient and clean. Perfect for young and old families (and couples too). The host was able to anticipate all our needs, making it feel like home.

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