Hey, I'm Mee Freesia!

Member since 04/02/2020
안녕하세요. Freesia Mee입니다. 여행을 좋아하고 대학 강사 후 은퇴하여 많은 외국인과의 교류를 통해 새로운 제2의 인생 추억을 만들고 싶습니다. 일본, 말레이지아 해외 체류경험도 있고 최근에는 중국어 공부도 시작했습니다. 기쁜 만남을 기대합니다.^^ 영화, 맛집탐방도 또 하나의 즐거움입니다. 호스트로서 여러분을 최고의 게스트로 모실게요^^
Hi! I am Freesia Mee. I live in Seoul, Korea and want to share my house with many friends from overseas. Due to recent unexpected coronavirus cases, newly opened my house has failed in getting enough comments from guests for your reviews. However I do believe the house will meet your expectations and promise to do my best to serve you^^ I was a lecturer at a university and taught computer program-related lessons for beginners. Now I retired and enjoy traveling not only domestic but also abroad, so in many cases, you will have the apartment to yourselves! Recently I started to learn Chinese language watching Chinese soap opera. Also I had lived in Japan and Malaysia. I never forget about my good memories there which are always coming into my mind. I hope you enjoy my house-TheStay718 and Korea during your stay. I and my husband hope to share a great moment in Seoul with you. Thank you!~~

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