Privacy policy

kozaza Service Privacy Policy

Article 1 (General Provisions)

  1. Personal information is information about the survival of individuals by name, etc. to look at a particular individual codes, text, voice, sound and video information (such as that information alone can not recognize a particular individual easily combined with other information, see the know If you can include that information) refers to.
  2. personal location information includes the location of certain personal information (position information alone can not know the location of a particular individual, even if combined with other information to facilitate the location of a particular individual can know that the Includes) refers to.
  3. company where the customer's personal information and personal information very seriously, and the Korea Communications Commission regulations and whether the privacy needle is in compliance with privacy regulations.
  4. The Company Privacy Policy Through your personal information and personal location information is being used for any purpose and how to protect your personal information will tell you what steps to take.
  5. The Company Services Privacy Statement by publishing the first screen or the home page so you can see the customer is always easy to see is action.
  6. company Privacy Act and the Korea Communications Commission related to the privacy guidelines of the changes or by changes in internal operating regulations be amended and updated privacy policy as amended by granting the version number, etc. points so that customers are easily recognizable.

Article 2 (Purpose and use of personal information collected items)

  1. The company that collects your personal information in accordance with the relevant legislation through the application form or terms of use, and its acquisition by the scope and purpose of collection is announced in advance.
  2. company that collects your personal information is as follows: : Name, phone number, username, password, email, location, customer history, profiles, registration information, etc., reviews, and reviews, statistics, data, services, configuration information, access logs, etc.
  3. company collects and uses your personal information to the following purposes: : Identification / authentication, services and products (goods and services alliance partners to offer included) and provide guidance, identify the frequency of use according to demographic characteristics and services, personalized services (eg recommended friends), Service • • Specialized product development, and service usage statistics for users • Analyze (the user's age, gender • • • Local Activities), anniversary gift, etc. • • Sweepstakes sent a message, event information and promotion, and prevention of identity theft
  4. The provisions of the law firm or clients without the consent of the ideas, beliefs, past history of customer's rights and interests or invade the privacy concerns that clearly do not collect personal information.

Article 3 (method of collection of personal information)

  1. The company's membership in kozaza services, if agreed to a particular service will collect personal information on-screen.
  2. The only website, the written form, fax, telephone, counseling, message boards, email, events, entries, and how, cooperation from the company, providing tools to generate a collection of information you can gather personal information through.

Article 4 (Use of personal information and providing)

  1. The customer's personal information, Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy's "collect and use personal information for purposes within the scope of the notified use, and provides a range beyond that, or does not provide, especially in the following cases Use caution and will provide personal information.
    1. Within the service, your profile information (name / photo / self-introduction) and I wrote two posts will be shared to other members.
    2. • mergers and acquisitions, including the sale of the company full rights and obligations as service providers succession or earlier if you plan to transfer personal information in advance in fact, to whom the transfer of personal information (hereinafter "positive sales guardian, etc.") 's name (if incorporated Name of corporation) • Address • Phone number Other contact, the customer does not want the transfer of personal information if you consent to withdraw in great detail about the methods and procedures will notify customers of withdrawal of consent for personal information the option is granted.
  2. the customer's consent, or the customer's consent, even if it is necessary for accounting fee, National Tax Act, the Local Tax Law, Communications Privacy Act, the Real Name Financial Transactions and Guarantee of Secrecy Act, the Use and Protection of Credit Information Act, Electricity Telecommunications Act, the Telecommunications Business Act, Consumer Act, Korea Bank, the Criminal Procedure Code and other related laws or regulations if, paragraph (1) Notwithstanding the provisions of the company at the time of collection of your personal information to the customer notified the scope or beyond the terms set forth, or may provide third parties. However, by laws, even if the customer's personal information is not to provide an unconditional decree to provide in accordance with established procedures and methods.
  3. The Company contracts for the provision of services as personal information necessary to fulfill the technical and economic • agreed to receive the usual four euros difficult to clear even without the consent of the customer to collect personal information • can be used.
  • Article 5 (Use of personal information and the retention period).

    1. the privacy of our customers use the service during the term, but • In principle, a library, failure to prevent reactivation of users, defamation, infringement disputes and investigations, etc., and to cooperate to preserve members six months after withdrawal.
    2. is a member of your proof of membership of this company to all documents, including ID card copy sent to the company that should be discarded immediately after identification.

    Article 6 (destruction of personal information)

    1. The purpose of the collection and use of personal information collected or that achieved by the end of the retention • If the customer's consent, the terms and conditions, in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, except those that require storage of the information without delay should be discarded.
    2. The company stated in writing in case of personal information, or incinerate shredder and stored electronically in the case of personal information can not play the record is deleted using technical methods.

    Article 7 (and how to exercise your rights)

    1. customer at any time, the company that holds personal information, use of personal information provided • History, collected • by • Consent to provide correct details or you can view. Personal information that contains errors, or the expiration of the retention period is found to be deleted to make such corrections • If deemed necessary, without delay, the company will fix it.
    2. online subscription reading and correction of information in the case of customers who want to "Change Profile" by clicking on the reading and correction directly or Cyber Customer Center Online Inquiry or contact us by email to the webmaster, even if the company the necessary measures without delay will be taken.
    3. viewed by visiting the company representative • If you are asked to verify that you have received a legitimate mandate to check your power of attorney and certificate of seal impression, and be received and the exact identification of agents to determine whether an agent.
    4. customer for the error correction of personal information, if requested, until after the correction will not be used or provided personal information.
    5. The Company is already incorrect personal information provided by third parties if the result of that correction processing to a third party to be notified without delay to the correction.
    6. your personal information up to date is entered correctly and changes, if any, this company shall notify, and their own inaccurate information entered or companies do not notice because the company is unknown customer information attributable to changes in Customers are responsible for your own responsibility.
    7. theft and infringement of customer information, others, if you enter false information, service termination and a loss of membership and other related laws can be punished in accordance with the laws and regulations.
    8. customer view • to provide personal information, such as repetitive tasks that require adversely affected by a considerable amount of concern or its cost, the company to postpone or reject the customer's requirements or business processes according to the actual cost (costs of duplication etc.) may charge to the customer.

    Article 8 (Personal Information collected • by • Consent for the provision of)

    1. use of personal information collected • • agreed to provide information about the customer can withdraw at any time. Consent of the service in the Settings screen, "Delete Account", click or personal information manager and representative in writing, by phone, email, etc. If you can contact the company without delay and take necessary measures such as personal information is deleted.
    2. The company agreed to withdraw the customer to destroy your personal information, such as taking action based on the fact that the customer's request, the customer will be notified.
    3. The company withdrew consent for the collection of personal information (account deletions), how to collect your personal information will be easier.

    Article 9 (Privacy consignment)

    1. The company is a professional seamless service privacy for operating an outside agency can be operated by the commission. Privacy contractually commit to ensure the safety of the observed directions, privacy, personal information about the spill and prevent accidents and clearly the responsibility of the regulatory burden and are included in the consignment agreement.
    2. The company specializes in the external handling of your personal information to commit if the contents of its commissioning, the trustees are to be disclosed later.

    Article 10 (technical and administrative measures for the protection of personal information)

    1. Technical measures The company in handling personal information are lost, stolen, disclosure, alteration or tampering to secure security seeks the following measures are.
      1. Tamper-proof connection above the ground are taking steps.
      2. Depending on the type of privacy-related laws and regulations that require storage or transmission level of encryption are managed by the application of encryption technology.
      3. Use anti-virus program to prevent the damage caused by computer viruses, to take steps to regularly update anti-virus program and when the sudden emergence of the virus by providing the vaccine as soon as it is to prevent your personal information is being violated.
      4. Using the encryption algorithm to securely transfer personal information over a network security device has been adopted.
      5. 5 Against external threats such as hacking and intrusion detection systems, and each server vulnerability analysis system is committed to the security.
    2. Administrative Measures
      1. Privacy on the company internal management plan, has implemented.
      2. The company needs access to personal information is restricted to persons at least.
      3. The company that handles your personal information for employees skills the new security and privacy obligations regarding such in-house training and regular training is outsourced.
      4. Joined the staff at the company through the security pledge in advance by anyone to prevent information leakage, privacy policy and personnel for the implementation details of the internal procedures for compliance audits are prepared.
      5. Privacy is the transition operator's business in a secure state of the incident and the leaves thoroughly and ensure your personal information to clarify responsibility for the accident.
      6. Personal information and general data by separating the mixture does not keep the archive.
      7. Computer room and data storage room, and by setting up protected areas to control access.
      8. The company's customers because of the risk of mistakes and basic Internet is not responsible for what happens. Customers themselves to protecting the privacy of your own ID and password in order to properly manage and be accountable to themselves.
      9. The company's internal managers due to mistakes or accidents Minister and Technology Museum theft of personal information, disclosure, alteration, damage cause to take the appropriate measures and rewards.

    Article 11 (Service of the post)

    1. The company cares for its customers, and tampering of the post, mutilated, to the best of my ability to protect from deletion. However, if the following post for delete, block, modify, delete, change requests, warnings, blackout, or other appropriate action can be taken.
      1. Spam posts (eg, chain letters, 800 million mail, ads on specific sites, etc.)
      2. TIn fact, the purpose of evil in others or of others by spreading false information, defamatory Posts
      3. Personal disclosure without consent, Model, or that infringes the copyright rights of others for such
      4. Contrary to other laws or undermine public morals or bulletin board posts and other content of the topic
    2. in principle related to the post by various individuals have rights and responsibilities. Voluntarily post public information and protected by receiving the information is difficult to contemplate before posting please.

    Article 12 (personal information manager and Consultation Report)

    To protect customers' personal information relating to your personal information to process a complaint, we can put a personal information manager. Your personal information If you have any questions regarding privacy under the Privacy Officer or representative, please contact us. "Privacy Officer"
    Statement nine preterm
    Telephone number 010-8080-6300
    Other personal information If you have any questions regarding the Privacy Complaint Center, information protection mark, authentication commission, Prosecutor's Office Internet criminal investigation center, Cyber ??Crime, etc. can contact us.
    - Privacy Complaint Center: phone 118 / E-mail / home
    - Privacy Mark Certification Committee: Tel 02-580-0533 / Home
    - Prosecutor's Office Internet criminal investigation center: Tel 02-3480-3600 / Home
    - Cyber Terror Response Center: Tel 02-392-0330 / Home

    Article 13 (Attachment)

    kozaza service privacy policy was established on 15 January 2012, the government's policy or in response to changes in security technology and deletions, and modifications of additional information when there are revisions to prior notice via e-mail or website.