kozaza. we share homes.

Share spare rooms, Get money, Make friends

kozaza lets people share homes: spare space, culture and foods. We connect hosts and guests in simple, secure and mutually beneficial. Currently, kozaza is more focused on Hanok in Korea. Hanok is Korean traditional houses.

- Guests can find the right and unique space to experience local culture and people as well as cozy staying at any price point.You share home and connect people globally. 
- Hosts can list their space regardless it is an apartment or castle to let it out to guests on a short-term basis or long-term basis. Hosts can list their spaces in any country. 
- By Sharing spare spaces, we could reduce unnecessary construction of hotels. We can help protect the global environment.

How to use kozaza?

  • Guest

  • Search a unique space

    • Choices of accommodation.
    • Contact to the host using kozaza messaging system.
  • Book

    • Book a space through a few clicks.
    • Host will accept your request within 24 hours.
  • Travel and Enjoy

    • Get your itinerary details immediately upon host confirmation.
    • Contact your host to confirm arrival details.
  • Host

  • List your space

    • Upload photos, name and price, and set availability.
  • Confirm

    • Answer guest inquiries using kozaza messaging system.
    • Once you receive a reservation and accept or decline it.
  • Get Paid

    • Contact your guest directly to confirm details.
    • You'll be paid 24 hours after they check in, and don't forget to leave a review itinerary.

If you need assistance, please contact your party at any time, desires to contact@kozaza.com +82-1544-5665, @ kozazaCom (Twitter, Skype)