Frequently Asked Questions

What are the host process?

Please sign up first. (18 +) olrisipyo accommodation. (Direct Push hard for you if you contact kozaza kozaza staff to visit the Please enter your details along with photos.) Specify the date of lodging is available. Book on request, please respond. Check the information your guests, stay sikyeodo If you believe that it would refuse to approve your opposition. If you require further confirmation to the guest requests, please ask for further information. kozaza to provide as much information as possible for the guest. Please welcome guest on a fixed date. Please check the price credited to your account. Kozaza 24 hours after check-in guests to the appointed price is credited to your account. Originally appointed a commission of 3% in price, minus the amount will be deposited. After guests check out, click the assessment for the guest.

How do I subscribe to kozaza?

kozaza is free. The simplest way to connect with facebook account kozaza is to join. Have a facebook account if you do not want to join in, or Facebook to your email kozaza can join. Face when you sign up to create a good profile information, including photos kozaza communities themselves to be better by telling exactly repeated the question from a guest can pihasil.

How do I register kozaza accommodation in?

1. Add a solid reputation for the host goes through the authentication process.

2. Housing information. Housing and upload photos, please enter the address. Type the address book is open to accepting a guest. Before that, the same amount of information will be disclosed. Guest pinpoint your accommodation so that you can, please provide detailed information as possible. Calendar tab, you can not get through a book a day to avoid the need to enter your booking request is unnecessary.

Who is eligible for kozaza house?

Which includes lodging facilities such as rooms or buildings can be anyone with the host. Subscriptions are free and also free accommodation is different. Or all of your apartment or house accommodation in rooms, leisure vehicles, the water in the boat, condos, villas, pensions, and any kind, is available.

Accommodation in kozaza place to get what are the benefits?

Kozaza play room or a house can get them in additional income. In addition, people from all over the world meet and exchange munhwache Hup is possible. If students have children naturally bounded from speaking with people all over the world of education is also helpful in the global era.

Hangul input with housing information should I do?

For more information on accommodation please enter Hangul kozaza will automatically have flourished in a foreign language. However, if language is a language that I get a direct input for more accurate information will be passed.

Like a frame-rate housing?

Enter hostel after having charges. More accommodation deposit if you need cleaning or enter exact amount. Similar to a nearby hostel accommodation fees and recommend a similar priced. At first, beginning with the lowest price a good idea to increase gradually. Accommodation charges or cleaning, etc. If you are unsure contact us for kozaza simyeon correcting the estimate of charges will. Book a new target price of adjustment. Find all the information necessary for the payment method and payment systems can be set as kozaza will be paid automatically through.

How do I book accommodation when it receives a request?

Request or a message from a guest book for messages of kozaza system, please respond quickly and appropriately. Hapeurosseo quick answer you can get good reviews from guests. (A new reservation request or when a message arrives, immediately receive SMS text service should be set if you want a future in the smartphone apps all over is expected to provide services to become.) Reservation request of the guest before daphasigi profile, friends, reputation index, such as guest check for reviews on your property when you think you can be, even with the added request for accommodation, please accept. If you have questions about the guest kozaza questions via the message system and to identify additional information on who can then accept or reject. Profile if you wish to stay in accommodation provisions geseuteuman if it is written. (Foreign language and receive messages in real time translation services kozaza would like to help provide communication with foreign guests by the helper If you need an interpreter, please ask for interpreter services in kozaza real-time phone interpretation services will be provided. )

What is the cost to the host in kozaza?

kozaza to register your accommodation is free. However, payments for transactions between the guest and the host system to cover the cost of the entire stay will be charged 3%. 3% from accommodation to guests who will pay to remove the host. For example, if the total price of 10 manwonil 3000 won minus 3% to 97,000 won will be paid to the host.

How do I validate for the guest.

1. kozaza to all your users to create profiles and photos are In addition, when the guest reservation to determine the guest's credit card information. (In the future, to authenticate the guest's phone number will be added.)

2. And if possible, and to join in Facebook, Facebook profile and friend information, and allows the host to check is recommended. Facebook is joined to the host when a guest and another friend, may determine a relationship.

3. In addition, the guest host for the guest's reputation through the evaluation of the offers are.

Accommodation on the first page of search results olragaryeo How do I?

The better the reputation of accommodation on the first page of search is more likely to go up. For this first evaluation and review of the enclosed guest has to be good. In addition, requests for reservations ppeureugo province is also important in the response. Housing and accurate and detailed information about the host affects the search results. Rooms near the wonderful restaurants and tourism resources as possible by offering an attractive description of places you recommended.

What do I need to deliver housing one of the keys?

Accommodation of the information delivery methods and regulations for telephone service, enter your details, you will be forwarded accordingly.

Additional cleaning can I get?

In addition to the price of housing information to receive additional cleaning of the cleaning items you must specify the cleaning. The amount stated at check-in or check-out you can get yourself.

When guests check in, but I get a price?

Please check the price credited to your account. Kozaza 24 hours after check-in guests to the appointed price is credited to your account. Originally appointed a commission of 3% in price, minus the amount will be deposited.

If guests cancel the reservation, what do I do?

Appointed to the refund policy to cancel your reservation, the guest will be refunded the amount minus the fee. Bakkusyeo accept reservations after the refund policy also applies to approval of the refund policy.

If guests cancel the reservation policy for a frame-Like?

Hostel accommodation of detailed information during registration canceled, please jeongha refund policy. Select the default policy kozaza suggested, or you can add information.

I am authorized to cancel the reservation, what should I do?

Reservations canceled on the cancellation of accommodation reservations management menu by entering the information available. Reservation cancellations may cause inconvenience to guests. Cancellation of registration in order to reduce housing accommodation available to check the schedule at the time of reservation requests exalted check again. The cancellation policy kozaza determined separately so that you can minimize the inconvenience to the guest is. Sudden cancellation to reduce the inconvenience to the guest can be costly.

As a procedural schedule and travel can I do?

kozaza please register.Registration is free.

Visible around the place you want to enter the room, review your destination, choose your preferred room.

Information about the selected accommodation and host your booking request, please check. For reservation must be registered and the price paid for the credit card or Paypal will need to enter information. (Kozaza to deal with a more reliable host and the guest's phone number will be validated for use with your mobile phone number and received input and verification, please enter the code.)

Convey the message to the host at the time of the booking request if there is a kozaza messages are delivered through the system.

A host typically must answer requests within 24 hours of booking. Can be accepted or rejected, and additional information about the guest host may require.

When booking accommodation information on request is accepted, including address information and more information is available on the host. The key steps are also collected and how.

In addition, depending on payment method appointed accommodation will be paid to the kozaza.

As provided by the receiving host key check in the hostel.

After check-in accommodation is not the same as the known kozaza tell us immediately, according to the state action will be taken. If you do not want to stay clear if you have kozaza will arrange another nearby hostel. In this case, the original without charge from the hostel accommodation, a new hostel accommodation will be charged a fee.

After hotel accommodation and a host, please leave a review for.

Do I really need to create a profile?

Their information, including pictures more closely and accurately apply by writing a book to be accepted easily, and the host does not need to tell A lot of the same information. In principle, all of kozaza guest or host requires you to write a detailed profile.

There is no address book information on accommodation. And how do you go?

To protect your privacy, the address of the host, including the accommodation and the host for more information about the book is available only after approval. Before the book seunginin kozaza of the message system and can be contacted through the host. Reservations after the approval, housing street address, key collection methods, host details and contact information are provided.

What is the reason to use kozaza?

Cheaper than hotel while staying home from home living in the area close to the host and the exchange and encounter in the local culture than you want to have the opportunity to use by guests. And there are various types of housing that meets their tastes because you can choose where. After traveling the same place, as well as mukeotdeon hogeuteu connect with people and interact through shared memories are available.

I like the lack of housing information and reviews, which I do at all.

Accommodation, or if there is insufficient publicly available information about the host through the kozaza message further information or questions, please.

Recent suksoin If you do not have a guest if you are already mukeotdeon. Reviews and information about the host, but that is accredited by kozaza information, please refer to your reservation request.

Do I have to pay a deposit?

During the housing deposit to the host information, you can add your request. When guests check deposit is paid directly to the host. Deposit amount stipulated in the Housing daeroipnida information. Do not pay a deposit before check-in. Deposit refunded at check-out and can be Bond between the host and guest accommodation takes place according to the information specified in the transaction does not involve the kozaza. Require a deposit if the discomfort does not require a deposit, please select accommodation.

How do I authenticate a host of kozaza?

kozaza to the host, including photos are encouraged to provide detailed profile information. After completion of the book, including address information is automatically provided.

If you have a facebook account a host of Facebook profiles and friend relationships, and social activities through the host can determine in more detail.

A host of mobile authentication and bank account will proceed further authentication.

In addition, kozaza visit the hostel to meet the host to check on the status. Check this site became the residence as 'kozaza verified' mark is labeled.

If you need additional information about the host sending a message to request kozaza. measures for the protection of the guest kozaza What Could there be?

kozaza the guests are not disadvantaged chekeuninhago accommodation for up to 24 hours in order to avoid the problem if you do not have paid for accommodation in the host must be paid to the host. Check-in accommodation before or after it has been 24 hours, if different from the information provided by the host is to protect guests. In this case, please contact us immediately to the kozaza.

How and when do I pay the price of payment?

kozaza accommodation payments from major credit card or you can pay by Paypal. (For future mobile phone and bank transfer payments are also expected to support.)

Book a reservation request for approval by the host is finished at the time of booking fees will be paid. Reservation booking request is rejected, or after a waiting period has expired, do not pay fees.

Reservations are confirmed upon completion of any information should I know? How do I get the key housing?

After completion of the address book accommodation, accommodation, How to get to the check-how, and how to receive an additional key is provided. For lack of such information or other information is needed, please request to the host. Once booked in the email or phone number provided by the host because it can be used in conjunction with kozaza message.

Contacted the host of accommodation booking is completed, what if you do mind?

Once approval is reserved kozaza email messages, as well as contact phone number of the host can relax. (In contact with the host, if necessary, the services of an interpreter, please contact kozaza.)

After attempting to contact the host for more than 24 hours after a kozaza, please contact Customer Service for connection to host the action we will take kozaza.

After booking accommodation request, booked by any process, is there?

If you book a reservation request to inform the host. Most of the host within 24 hours to consent / refuse to answer is about. A reservation request to host a guest kozaza additional information via a message on the guest may have needs or questions. In this province answered quickly through the book for the bump can seunginryul.

Students count and increases the number of nights stay woke What should I do?

When the original booking and accommodation conditions would have been a different story takes host contact can be accommodated under the new property to check whether property should be adjust conditions. Rates paid for the first time added to the Adults and the date will be charged as additional charges.

Originally scheduled for occupancy, or if you have lost a lot of nights you should contact the owner immediately. In this case, "according to the cancellation or reduction refund policy" will be reimbursed in accordance with.

Arrived at the hostel, but the host could not be contacted or does not meet. What should I do?

If you do not meet the hosts soon after arriving in kozaza Please yeorakeul. Try to contact the host and quick check-in time to be around the same time as taking measures to find a similar new housing so that I can carry. If you move to another hostel accommodation, the price paid does not original. In addition, the lower the score the reputation of the owner of the other guests to refer to the time of the booking request.

Kozaza guest on What is the fee to be paid?

10% of the full price will be charged fees. If the total price is 100,000 won to 10,000 won plus booking fee must be paid 110,000 won upon completion.

If you cancel the reservation, the host happens to?

If you cancel the reservation, the host, kozaza announce via email to the guest and at the same time, the original is located in the area you want to stay and we will send a list of similar housing. Kozaza system without going through the host to the guest cancellations notified directly if you tell us immediately to kozaza to find other accommodation as quickly as possible we hope to reduce the discomfort.

How long does it take for a refund canceled reservations?

To cancel the booking the owner if the issuer of the card 5-7 days, depending on their policies, transfer cases will be refunded immediately.

Cancellations What should I do?

Completed booking reservations on the dashboard of the guest can cancel the request.

Canceled cancellation and refund policies set by the host are entitled to a refund in accordance with. Kozaza for booking and payment processing, and service fees are not refundable.

For reservations canceled What is your refund policy.

The refund policy on the recommendation of kozaza selected by the host as a separate policy or policies set by the host will be refunded. Before booking request, please check the refund policy.