Member since 10/29/2015
Work : Photographers
Languages : Korean, English, Japanese
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I had been working at KBS, a broadcasting company, for 30 years. I used to take professional photographs of stars in dramas and music programs such as "Music Bank", which is the main of all, touring over the world. I'd met plenty of fans who love Korea. To appreciate them, I would repay with kind hospitality and pick them up at Seoul station for convenience. In the middle of Mount Namsan I am serving guests at reasonable prices in a clean backpacker as best I can. Besides, we provide a comfortable stay giving a room to each group. Located in the center of the main city, there are 3 subway lines which lead to lots of restaurants and bars near Itaewon as well as Haebang Chon.

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  • 석곤 박

    Single, Twin room! # 103 on the 1st floor

    호스트께서 친절하시고, 모든 면에서 아주 많이 만족했습니다. 다른 친구들에게도 편하게 소개해 주고 싶은 곳이네요. ? ? ?

  • 병길 김

    Single room! PhotoPark #101 on the 1st floor

    호스트님께서 편안하고 친절하게 잘해주셨습니다

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