Hey, I'm Martin Kim!

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  • James Whitney

    Hongdae Urbanwood Guesthouse - Oriental Sun (deluxe double room)

    he knows a lot about hongdae area.

  • Sean Johnston

    Hongdae Urbanwood Guesthouse - Golden Field (deluxe double room)

    Staying at Urbanwood guesthouse was an excellent decision.It's super-convenient to the Hongdae area, Arex and subway. I love this area - just minutes away are countless wonderful cafes, restaurants, live music venues, bars, shops and outdoor performances.

  • Odile Beniflah

    Hongdae Urbanwood Guesthouse - Golden Field (deluxe double room)

    This is an absolute gem in Seoul. The place totally exceeded my expectations. It is a friendly, vibrant, colorful space that makes you feel at home the second you get in. Everything is super clean and thoughtful. You find everything you need and even more. It is so tasteful that you just want to stay more. The rooftop is super cute. And last but not least, the host, Martin, is one of the nicest persons I know. The breakfast is delicious and healthy. The location can't be more convenient, walking distance from a very hip neighborhood, straight train line to both airports. Anyone getting a room there will be lucky.

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